(A slight personal announcement)

(Hello, everyone! Um.. it’s my little brother’s birthday today.. and I was wondering, if some of you guys could make a picture for him? I’m already making one, but I feel really bad, ‘cause me, my mom, my dad, and my aunt are the only ones who said happy birthday to him. He has autism, so people get annoyed with him really easily (like my 3 other siblings), so not many people really care, and then he feels like crap, and I feel bad. Well.. he really likes my online friends for some reason, he likes to sit next to me and look at stuff you guys post while I go through my dash. Now, here’s what I want, even if you can’t draw well, I was wondering.. could you draw a little picture for him? Even if it’s just a doodle, it’d mean a lot to him. We’re broke so the only thing I can do is draw, and my mom is just making him a card for now. I just thought that if a bunch of you guys made pictures too, it’d mean a lot. If you want to make a picture, here’s a list of some of the things he likes: Cars, soldiers, Dragon Ball Z, Spongebob, and Lego’s. But you don’t have to, I just thought it’d be something nice to do for him. ;v; If you do make a picture, just submit it to me and I’ll show him.)

  1. spurshollow said: Is it too late? I wanna draw one! I’m thinking some lego men, those guys are adorable!
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    I’ve also got an autistic brother… and I’m gonna find a way to do something for this kid before tonight is over....
  3. glavkomat said: Oh god how I wish I could draw :( If he reads this… HAPPY BIRTHDAY… if not tell him I said that plz?
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    ((I will make something! :U))
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    (This is very touching and I am going to try and make something. You should to. I recommend you read it its not long....
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    A noble cause, gentlemen and ladies, let’s break out the styli.
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    Can someone show this one generosity and bring joy to them please.
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  11. buckshire said: (( Aww, who’s his fav DBZ character? And if it’s okay, I can put his name on the pic too. ))
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